WEICHAI marine engine WP12C450

Marine engine WP12C Series General Specifications:           
Bore & Stroke                    126×155mm
Displacement                        11.596L
Cylinder Number                          6
Compression Ratio                      17:1
Marine engine WP12C Series
General Specifications:            
Bore & Stroke                      126×155mm
Displacement                       11.596L
Cylinder Number                  6
Compression Ratio              17:1
Fuel System                          Mechanical Pump
Aspiration                             T/TA
Emission Standard               IMO Tier
WP12 Series Marine Die sel Engine
Type Cylinder number Bore/store (mm) Displacement (L) Rated output (Kw) Rated speed (R/min) Application
WP12C450 6 126/155 11.596 330 2100 Fishing boats,transport ships,yacht
WP12C400 6 126/155 11.596 295 1800 Fishing boats,transport ships,yacht
WP12C350 6 126/155 11.596 258 1500 Fishing boats,transport ships,yacht
WP12C300 6 126/155 11.596 220 1800 Fishing boats,transport ships,yacht
WP12C278 6 126/155 11.596 205 1800 Fishing boats,transport ships,yacht
WP12C272 6 126/155 11.596 200 1500 Fishing boats,transport ships,yacht
WP12C270 6 126/155 11.596 198 1500 Fishing boats,transport ships,yacht
Product Description:
  1. WP12C series marine die sel engine is  absorbing the world advanced internal combustion engine technology and optimizing design as per the vessel power features and configuration requirement.It has the feature of small volume, light weight, big output, low fuel consumption, advanced emission index and low noise, is an ideal power for inland navigation, fishing and business ships. It can meet IMO Tier II emission standard with CCS,ZY,BV certificates.  
Main Characteristics:
  1. Adopting the main cylinder-block frame of WP12 series die sel engine with common rail injector system,PZ series Flange pump,rear output gear train,decicated oil sump for marine engine;
  2. Compact structure, high powerful, good economy and high reliability;
  3. Meeting NOx emission standard required by IMO currently.