150-1000kw natural gas generator set

Item No.: WT10 WT12
150-1000kw natural gas generator set
System Description:
This solution only using one ECU have all functions like ignition controll , Gas controll and Generator speed control. Can replace old solution both include ignition controller and electronic speed
controller, can provide better running for ignition energy ,ignition time and gas fuel control. Eusure the generator running stable and relieble.Lower the fuel cost and improve the emissionRight solution
for pipe gas,methane,CNG,LPG ETC. fuel.
System Characters:
Close-loop fuel control
Powerful Independent ignition coil
Rated mixer
Electronic control throttle for speed control
Hand held tuning tool
Can using for turbo and none turbo engine.
Benefit from this solution:
1、Ensure the torque and power output same like original die sel engine
2、Key parts using BOSCH sensor, IMPCO rated mixer, air input pressure continue stable,  ,ensure engine running stable and safty,
3、Ignition and gas control integrated into one ECU, save cost and provide better performance.
4、Easy to start,running stable,lower voice and vibration