Chinamach case
Serve in coal mine of northern Vietnam

This is the coal mine in northern Vietnam and is the coal production base in Vietnam. A large number of trucks are working here day and night.

SINOTRUK 70T mining king is the most truck here.
It has 420 horsepower, a final reduction ratio of 8.51, and a dead weight of 29 tons, with a full load of about 90-100 tons.
Here work more than 20 hours a day, workers take turns to work, trucks will not stop.
The road condition on the construction site is bad, the road is often washed down by heavy rain, and the road is very poor. The full load speed is 30-40km/h, and the empty vehicle is 40-50h.
The life of the tire is only 3 months, and the brake pads generally need to be replaced every 15-30 days.
In here, our engineers and maintenance workers work together. According to the actual situation, we have extended the truck's shock absorption system and special brake drums.

We provide original engines and high-quality spare parts