Chinamach case
248KW natural gas generator set in CNG gas field

The inlet pressure is 3.5-6.8kPa, and the combustible material exceeds 65%.
parallel-max. 1000kw

Case 1:

Comprehensive development and utilization of clean energy chemical projects.
Investment operation:
City pipeline natural gas, natural gas for vehicles (CNG and LNG filling stations), pipeline natural gas
Liquefaction, chemical tail gas production of liquefied natural gas, coal upgrading and clean utilization, etc.
Project; use T12 series gas engine as the main power source of the gas station.

Case 2:

Use T12 series engine as the supporting power for skid-mounted equipment
Power source, the three units run in parallel to provide a steady stream of power
Energy; natural gas engine as the
The company's main electricity supply for the domestic electricity and auxiliary equipment of the oil transfer well team

Case 3:

Use T12 gas engine to integrate 1000KW power station, with
The main power of the oilfield transfer platform, at the client
It has achieved a good reputation and has become the main product of the oil-to-gas project.​​​​​​​